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On last week’s episode of “Business Fix” on RogersTV we explored Marketing and Sales. These are both critical areas to the success of your business. Let’s talk about marketing first. I have often seen marketing interpreted as everyone in the business having a catchy...

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Building Your Team

I find that one of the critical success factors for a growing business is the ability of the leader to foster teamwork in an organization. That starts with recruiting the right people for the stage that your organization is at. On “Business Fix” Larry Smith refers to...

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Scaling Your Business

On this week’s episode of “Business Fix” on RogersTV we explore Scaling Your Business. Most business owners dream of having their company grow rapidly and profitably but few are actually prepared for it when it happens. Being able to scale a business often depends on...

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking I’m sure that you have heard it before. Among the top fears of humans are death and public speaking. Let’s talk about public speaking. Without exception, we can all benefit from improving our public speaking skills. It is so much more than making...

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Rogers TV – Business Fix

Every experience brings learning to us all. With the show we had the opportunity to further develop our leadership skills while helping our audience develop theirs.

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2014 Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference and Tradeshow

Join Brian Brennan, business mentor and CEO coach to experience the power of executive peer groups at an exclusive TEC Canada Breakfast event held at the Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference and Tradeshow. The breakfast is jointly sponsored by TorontoJobs.ca

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