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Rogers TV – Business Fix

Business Fix on Rogers TV

When David and I first conceived the idea of producing and Hosting a cable TV show we had no idea how much work would be involved.

It was a difficult but very rewarding experience for both of us.

Every experience brings learning to us all. With the show we had the opportunity to further develop our leadership skills while helping our audience develop theirs.

It was an interesting piece of irony especially with respect to the leadership episode. That was the first that we produced.

We needed to engage every element of leadership that was discussed on that show. Everything from clarity of vision to carefully developing and executing our planning.

I think that we underestimate just how present our leadership is in everything that we do. It seems that we are always looking in a mirror. The more carefully we look, the more opportunity to improve ourselves and those around us we see.

And so, on to the next episode or maybe even another 6 of “Business Fix”.