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TEC – The Executive Committee

TEC Canada is a peer advisory board for business leaders supported by one-to-one coaching, expert speakers and global networking.

This unique organization is an affiliate of Vistage Worldwide, the world’s leading CEO organization, connected to over 20,000 business leaders. Brian Brennan is one of 800 Chairs leading peer advisory groups in every major country in the world.

Member companies have a competitive edge, with average growth that is two times faster than average small and mid-size businesses.

On a monthly basis, Brian’s TEC members meet in a carefully chosen confidential peer group setting – chaired by Brian— for peer-to-peer mentoring. As a TEC member you would:

  • Exchange ideas, insights and information on topics relevant to you and your company
  • Share experience, expertise and thought leadership
  • Help one another to tackle the challenges and opportunities of running and building your business, such as creating an intentional culture, managing difficult personnel decisions, and managing your work and personal life
  • Engage in lifelong learning, from each other and from world-class leaders hand-picked from all over North America for the group’s benefit
  • Experience learning opportunities through expert-led workshops focused on addressing your most challenging business and personal issues
  • Receive one-to-one coaching

TEC’s core values are accountability, honesty and integrity, independence and objectivity, emphasis on positive results and a forward-looking approach. In Brian’s group, members openly and candidly share their business and leadership issues with an assurance of absolute confidentiality. They enjoy the camaraderie that is a part of a trusted forum, where they can step off the sometimes lonely path of running a business to gain and give help with leadership and business challenges.

Some of the achievements that Brian’s members attribute to his leadership and TEC membership include:

  • Growth as a leader
  • Accelerated business growth and improved bottom line
  • Boosting Sales
  • Cutting costs
  • Successful merger and/or acquisition
  • Business succession plan

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TEC Canada

I have worked with Brian for 7+ years as he has led our TEC group. TEC has been invaluable and allowed me to expand my knowledge and ability to address the challenges faced while growing my business. Brian’s leadership has helped uncover root issues and facilitated change which has enabled us to deal with our rapid growth. 

Brian’s extensive experience and business acumen is a tremendous value, something every business leader could benefit from.

Brian is able to adjust his perspective depending on who he is working with. When talking with me, discussions can revolve around long term planning and strategic decisions, when he works with VP’s or Managers, Brian is able to provide insight and guidance when addressing day to day challenges.

I highly recommend Brian and TEC to any business leader looking to advance their business and improve their bottom line.

Ian Pavlik

The Portal Connector and pavliks.com

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