TEC – The Executive Committee

It is no secret that better leaders make better decisions and deliver better results. TEC is committed to those principles.

Under the international umbrella of Vistage, TEC is part of the world’s largest and longest established leadership development organization and executive forum for CEOs, business owners and senior executives.

On a monthly basis more than 20,000 CEOs members of TEC in 18 countries meet in small groups to become better leaders for their organizations. We believe that their commitment results in higher than average growth for their businesses. At those meetings the members:

  • Exchange ideas, insights and information
  • Share their experience and expertise
  • Help each other tackle the challenges and opportunities of running and building their businesses
  • Learn and grow personally, together
  • Are exposed to unique learning opportunities through carefully selected workshops

Accountability that comes with working closely with a dedicated group of leaders is highly valued by our members. Everyone is highly engaged in contributing to the profitable growth of your business. With each learning moment we develop commitments to action that members will undertake to overcome their challenges together with time frames for their anticipated actions. Of course, the group insists that members following up on their commitments.

Loneliness in the running of the business and dealing with significant issues is also frequently cited as a reason that leaders join our forums. It is rare to find a place like our forums where leaders can speak in a candid manner with the assurance of complete confidentiality. Issues are tabled with complete honesty and disclosure which helps members to acquire comprehensive feedback on how they can overcome their most difficult challenges.

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