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Building Your Team

I find that one of the critical success factors for a growing business is the ability of the leader to foster teamwork in an organization. That starts with recruiting the right people for the stage that your organization is at. On “Business Fix” Larry Smith refers to the ability to find people outside your company as a possible means of securing growth in your company. Drawing from a large pool of candidates give you a better chance of finding the Olympians. While that is true, the challenge of leadership is to keep all of your Olympians working together productively and cohesively as the company grows. That is no small task for any senior leader but when done well, there is nothing better for the future success of your company. It is worth spending a serious amount of time on.Teamwork involves a lot of listening, thinking ahead and sometimes mediating situations as they arise. It might sound like a headache in the making but there is nothing more rewarding for you personally and for your business. You have heard it before – Together we are stronger than we are as individuals!