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On last week’s episode of “Business Fix” on RogersTV we explored Marketing and Sales.

These are both critical areas to the success of your business. Let’s talk about marketing first.

I have often seen marketing interpreted as everyone in the business having a catchy “elevator speech” and a decent website. That falls way short of what you are capable of doing.

Done right, marketing is much more comprehensive and can be a major driver of sales in your organization. Don’t get impatient with the process and stop at a website and elevator speech.

You need to understand your value to the customers and be able to express that in everything you do. That means things like: how you speak about the company or product or service, what content your website has, understanding and directing messaging to your most desirable target customers, the types of people you hire etc.

Where we often fall off is not understanding who we are trying to appeal to and why. Answer that and comprehensive marketing will begin to make a lot of sense to you and your target customer base. I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of money on any particular initiative until you can answer these questions.

Give it a try.