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Scaling Your Business

On this week’s episode of “Business Fix” on RogersTV we explore Scaling Your Business.

Most business owners dream of having their company grow rapidly and profitably but few are actually prepared for it when it happens.

Being able to scale a business often depends on forward planning and the successful development of repeatable processes within the organization. That is not to say that you need to be rigid and bureaucratic. In fact you should develop your processes to be flexible and nimble. They need to be developed enough to ensure that the organization can scale upwards without creating chaos along the way. You need to be able to react to ever changing market conditions without encumbrance when the need arises.

Remember that as a business leader your job is to keep an eye on the future and guide your organization towards it. Don’t get bogged down by focusing too much time and energy on the internal operation of your company. Balance is tricky but possible.

Good processes and proper management of them give you the best chance for successful growth.